Statues Of Sound 9

by Various Artists



Slovak Gabber & Hardcore Music. This compilation brings you the leading artists and projects from Slovakia underground scene. We presenting you hard and unique music more than 17 years.

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It's been a long time ago, somewhere around 1996, when we saved the first distorted bass drum to our Amiga hard drive and build a completely tracker-style piece around it. In the year 2000 we have produced firts compilation called "False Immunity", it was very fast and has original interesting sound. After a period of trials and errors and the self-study of sound production, we found ourselves in the year 2003 when Corenforce was officially born and so came 'Tankodrome IV - People Are Changing' compilation, after its first 3 chapters released on Orbitvehicle Music (the first Slovak portal focused on electronic music).

After a period of time and to cover a more diverse spectrum of sounds, we decided to run the Statues Of Sound and The Hardextant compilations, released and supported by then parent labels of Corenforce (nowdays grouped under Sardonic Repulsion).

The first international success came for the one of our most versatile artists as Incorrect Segment earned a couple of releases on the Italian Noistorm and Analphabetik and the German Restroom Records, followed by some gigs and live-acts.

Throughout these years, we have all been through the ups and downs, trying to find out the right direction in our lives, but there has always been the music to unite us again and give us the power to start working on something what drives our personal creativity forward.

Looking ahead, we want to streamline the creations of "Hardcore Slovakia" and focus on professional live acts, dj gigs together with the forthcoming hardcore releases.

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released December 1, 2016

Thanks to these guys: Incorrect Segment, Hellcreator, Strange Position, Dendy.


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